Real Art Roadshow launches THE BOOK

The Real Art Roadshow have launched their beautiful new catalogue of all works in both trucks, which are currently touring the country bringing fine art to schools. Featured in the book are a number of PBG artists including Dick Frizzell, Paul Hartigan, John Walsh, Sarah Munro and Harry Watson. Click here for more details, or visit Unity Books to buy a copy. One of the most beautiful philanthropic acts the New Zealand artworld has seen thus far.

To view these amazing trucks/mobile art galleries, now's your chance:

The Real Art Roadshow team are celebrating a whole year of both trucks being on the road and the launch of 'Real Art Roadshow: The Book' and a whopping 100,000 visitors to the exhibition, to date.

Saturday 31 October
2:30pm – 4pm
Queens Wharf (under the sails), Wellington

The Black and Silver Collections will be open to the public 31 Oct – 4 Nov. Weekends 10am – 4pm and weekdays 11am – 6pm. FREE ENTRY

October 19, 2009
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