John Walsh on Artsville, This Sunday Night

Peta Carey’s stunning documentary “The Waterfall”, a one hour documentary that features John Walsh, for TVNZ’s Artsville, will air this Sunday night at the very sensible time of 10:30pm, on TVOne.

John, together with three other artists, journeyed into Fiordland to paint the surroundings, inspired by the waterfall that William Hodges painted in Dusky Sound, in 1773.

The resultant work from John’s experience is the magnificent Act 2 Scene 2: There are visitors at the head and they don’t look friendly, let your demon go you can get him later, which featured in John’s recent exhibition at Page Blackie Gallery.

“The Waterfall”, Artsville, Sunday 12th Dec, around the 10.30pm mark, TVOne.

December 6, 2010
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