Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky opens on Tuesday evening from 5:30pm. The exhibition will feature work from all our represented artists and some invited guests. The list of exhibiting artists is as follows:

Mark Adams, Israel Birch, Justin Boroughs, Liyen Chong, Neil Dawson, Paul Dibble, John Drawbridge, Andrew Drummond, Luise Fong, Dick Frizzell, Max Gimblett, Star Gossage, Lyonel Grant, Jeffrey Harris, Paul Hartigan, Dame Louise Henderson, Michael Hight, Frances Hodgkins, Ralph Hotere, Hemi Macgregor, Allen Maddox, Karl Maughan, Colin McCahon, Sarah Munro, Peter Robinson, Peter James Smith, Michael Smither, Heather Straka, Ngatai Taepa, John Walsh, Harry Watson and Emily Wolfe

March 31, 2011
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