7 May - 1 June 2013

Marcia Page and James Blackie are delighted to welcome you to celebrate the life's work of one of Wellington's finest Artists, Gordon Crook.


Despite having been described variously as 'extraordinary', 'a tapestry maker of international calibre' and 'a genius', Gordon died in 2011 relatively unknown in the artworld. This exhibition, Biography of the MInd, is the first time since 1993 that Crook's incredible artworks, spanning his career, have been on show together.


This exhibition presents a wide range of media, displaying the extraordinary views Gordon had of the world, from paintings, to screen prints, photo montage and photo-etched aluminium, through to his tapestries, Wellingtonians will recognise the latter from Gordon's monumental tapestries in the Sir Michael Fowler Centre.