Philip Clairmont

Philip Clairmont (1949 – 1984)

New Zealand lost one of its most dynamic and gifted artists when Clairmont took his own life at the age of 34. He was an expressionist, working in that style a decade before neo-expressionism became an international movement. The essential elements of the original expressionism are all present in Clairmont’s paintings.

Clairmont began drawing compulsively from the age of eight, encouraged by his mother. At Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, his tutor was Rudolph Gropas, an artist from Lithuania whose own work was in the expressionist tradition. Clairmont was soon recognised as an artist who needed only encouragement, not tuition, and he had already done some of his finest work before his graduation in 1970. He usually painted at night, to the accompaniment of loud rock music and by artificial light, the strong highlights and dramatic shadows giving him a starting point for composition. His settings and subject matter were almost entirely confined and domestic – furniture, mirrors, stairwells, and still lifes together with portraits of himself and his partner.

Several themes recur in Clairmont’s painting as generators of emotional force, either, pumping energy out or sucking it in: vases of flowers, with their riotous colour and radiating stems; staring eyes and flames; doorways, cupboards, and fireplaces; swinging, bare light bulbs emitting jagged rays; mirrors and windows, offering passages through to another dimension or ruthlessly reflecting the inner self. Clairmont had the ability to take unremarkable objects such as a battered couch and imbue them with demonic character. A wardrobe becomes a crypt from which a skeleton spirit struggles to escape. A clothesline whirls like a dervish in a frenzy. A dressing table reflects nightmares from its wing mirrors. A fireplace is a tunnel entrance from which the night train to oblivion is about to hurtle out.

Clairmont spent much of his life in shabby digs, and lived in bohemian style. His paintings project the psyche of the artist – they are truly reflective of his struggle with life and art in the best traditions of expressionism. With the exceptions of Kiefer and Paladino, no one comes near to matching Clairmont’s convincing fervour.

– Warwick Brown, 100 New Zealand Paintings By 100 New Zealand Artist (Auckland: Godwit Publishing, 1995).


1967-1970 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), Ilam School of Fine Arts, the University of Canterbury


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