Colin McCahon


1919 – 1987

“Colin McCahon is the first New Zealand painter of major internatinal importance and his stature in the arts of Australasia is unique. Particularly since his death in 1987, he has become a legendary figure, with his work and life the subject of much discussion and research.

McCahon’s impact is such that today it is impossible in New Zealand – and to a lesser degree in Australia – to be an artist without taking his work into consideration. As the 1990 exhibition of young New Zealand artists, After McCahon: Some configurations in recent art, implied, art in New Zealand might well be divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’ McCahon. In more recent years the influence of his work has extended to inform the practise of a number of the key painters among the current generation of Australian artists.”

Extracts from:
Marja Bloem & Martin Browne, Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith (Craig Potton Publishing, 2002), p. 9.